Affyn was created with the purpose of bringing people together. We want to remind people of what’s truly important in their lives: the bonds with their friends and family.


To create a virtual world where people can have fun with their friends and family. Everything they earn inside can be used in the virtual and real world integrated within our ecosystem.


In our journey to achieve this, we aim to provide:

Deeper Meaningful Connection

More Fun Together

Real World Utilization

In a world of endless distraction, we want to remind people what truly matters in life; the moments with their friends and family. We aspire to become the bridge to facilitate bringing people together, helping them to build meaningful connection on a deeper level.

We plan to create thousands of unique, fun, and exciting activities to provide people with more ideas to initiate get-togethers and connect people from all walks of life through common interest. Through these activities, people can have fun earning rewards toward their dreams such as bringing their family on a trip to places they never imagined possible.

We intend to make our token usable in everyday life such as travel, lifestyle, shopping, and entertainment. Our priority is to focus on providing exclusivity and value on our products such that people will buy our token for the purpose of using it instead of speculative purposes.