Affyn was created with the purpose of bringing people together, and therefore we want to bring our community together closer to us. We want to know more about you, and why and how you care about us.

We believe that our community should be rewarded for caring. Thus, your qualification, tier level and token allocation for the seed round will be based on the score of your Proof of Care.


Factors that will influence your score:


  • Providing the Affyn team with suggestions on how to improve the project.

  • Spreading awareness for Affyn such as sharing and promoting Affyn related content on social media, writing articles and making youtube videos.

  • Helping the Affyn team such as telegram admin, translation, design of promotional material e.g. posters, videos etc.

  • Go out of your way to be creative to share how you care about Affyn.


The score is additive, there is no limit to your score.

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